You donate.

From our inception on 3/30, we have surpassed our goal by raising $649,555 from almost 3,000 donors.

We coordinate.

24 Buddhist centers and 58 volunteers call hospitals all over North America to arrange PPE shipments.

Masks delivered.

We have sent 620,000 masks to 173 hospitals across North America, including Canada and Puerto Rico.


Over $600,000 raised

From over 2,766 unique online donations between March 30th and April 18th, DharmaRelief raised $354,929. An additional $294,626 came from miscellaneous checks and wire transfers. This gives us a total donation base of $649,555.

We coordinate.

Barre Center for Buddhist Studies
Being Without Self
Bright Way Zen Sangha
Cambridge Insight Meditation Center
Dharma Drum Mountain Dallas
Dharma Drum Mountain Seattle
Dharma Drum Mountain San Francisco
Dharma Drum Mountain Tallahassee Chan Center
Dharma Drum Mountain Toronto
Dharma Drum Mountain Vancouver
Dharma Drum Retreat Center
Drepung Loseling Monastery
Endless Mountain
Florida Community of Mindfulness
Houston Zen Center
Kansas Zen Center
Korinji Zen
Lions Roar
North Carolina Zen Center
One Earth Sangha
Pacific Zen
Sanshin Zen Community
Sravasti Abbey
Tahoma Sogenji

Andrew Shaw
Ash Benza
Autumn Wells
Bazboor Fan
Caz Lockwood
Clare Burchenal
Colin Holtzinger
Connie Jones
David Cannon
Eleanor B.
Elizabeth Cramer
Emory Hsu
Ernie Kyed
Gerald McLoughlin
Gin Lee
Hector Pascual Alvarez
Holly Bobula
Ian Egan
John Morrell
Joni McGary
Julia Lankton
Korey Kopp
Laura Cleveland
Linda Turner
Lynda Gordon
MaryGrace Lenz
Mark Frank
Meili Chen
Nick Coffey
Rebecca Wan
Ronie Blevins
Russ Skiba
Salma Laabi
Seicho Smith
Seigin Hartkemeyer
Susan Yeley
Timothy Sandoe
Tzuming Liao
Wen H
Yeshe Tsokyi

Masks delivered.

Over A million masks sent

Overall, we have sent 310 boxes (620,000 masks) to 173 hospitals across 34 states across North America, including the United States (including the territory of Puerto Rico), Canada and to Tijuana, Mexico.  

627,000 masks will be given to MedShare, a national non-profit organization that recovers surplus medical supplies and redistributes them to needed healthcare clinics. We were approved a grant for $30,000 from a coronavirus relief fund from – the humanitarian arm of the Flexport freight forwarding giant – to transport masks to MedShare’s network of hospitals/clinics in need.

Currently, we are sending MedShare 336 boxes (equivalent to an additional 627,000 masks) to distribute through the MedShare network. With the remainder of our donor funds, we anticipate buying additional masks to be sent through the Flexport and MedShare agreement.


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