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Dharma Relief is the first platform that brings together different Buddhist traditions, teachers, and practitioners to support and create sustainable living in North America. Its guiding principles are wisdom and compassion, aiming to bring light to this world of obscurity like a lotus rising out of murky waters.

Each project is independent and consists of different advisory boards and work teams, and addresses specific social issues. Dharma Relief was founded by Guo Gu in 2020. 


Our projects celebrate our true awakened nature by removing the barriers of traditions, genders, and race.


Our projects transcend discursive thinking and rhetoric by offering concrete practical solutions to help those in need.


Our projects bring together people from all walks of life by embodying harmony and purity.

Our Projects

COVID-19 Response



Healing Race Relations

(2021 – present)

How to Help

To donate to a specific project, go to that project’s main page. To donate to Dharma Relief generally, please go to this link. If your Dharma Center would like to join the coordination, please contact Dharma Relief.


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